Fishing the Green River

The Green River, just below the Flaming Gorge dam, is a Blue Ribbon Fishery and a very popular recreation destination. Special limits on this body of water result in fishermen catching lots of Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Brook trout in the 15-19″ range. Fly fishing is the most popular, but an angler with a spinning rod and maribou jigs can do just as well. Many people fish this seven mile strech of water while floating in a raft or boat (motors prohibited), putting in at the dam and taking out at Little Hole. Rafts can be rented several of the businesses in Dutch John. There is also a trail for on-foot access.

Map showing The Villa Inn and the Flaming Gorge Dam

Limits & Regulations specific to the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam. This
information has been copied from the 2010 Fishing Guidebook, published by the Utah Department
of Wildlife Resources. Always refer to the current guidebook for such information as
pertinent information may have changed since information was copied to this site.

  • Artificial flies and lures only.
  • Closed to fishing from a boat with a motor between the Utah-Colorado state line and Flaming Gorge Dam.
  • Limit 3 trout (2 under 15″ and 1 over 22″).
  • All trout from 15″ to 22″ must be immediately released.
  • No limit for smallmouth bass. Anglers must not release any smallmouth bass they catch. All smallmouth bass must be immediately killed.