Fishing High-Mountain Lakes and Streams

Ashley National Forest is rife with small lakes and streams that are teaming with Rainbow, native Cutthroat, and Brook trout. Some local favorites that are just a short drive from the Villa Inn (V), and involve a minimal amount of hiking are Sheep Creek (1), Browne Lake (2), Sheep Creek Lake (3), and Carter Creek (4). Try small spinners, kast masters, phoebe’s and all manner of flies. The double renegade is a great all-purpose fly for fishing in these waters. General Utah limits & regulations apply to Sheep Creek, Browne Lake, and Carter Creek; however there are specific restrictions for Sheep Creek Lake (see below).

Map showing The Villa Inn and favorite high mountain lakes and streams

Limits & Regulations specific to Sheep Creek Lake. This information has been copied from the 2010 Fishing Guidebook, published by the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources. Always refer to the current guidebook for such information as pertinent information may have changed since information was copied to this site.

  • Artificial flies and lures only.
  • Limit 2 trout, only 1 may be a Cutthroat Trout and it must be over 22″.
  • All Cutthroat Trout 22″ or smaller must be immediately released.
  • Closed near the spawning trap and portions of the lake and canal as posted during
    the spring spawning operations.

Sheep Creek, in Dagget County, from Flaming Gorge upstream to the Ashley National Forest boundary, will be closed to fishing starting on August 15 until 6 AM on the last Saturday of November.